AuthorTopic: Level II on AnalystNotes
@2004-11-14 08:35:11
Hi all,

I used cfacenter last year to prepare for Level I which was quite helpful. I just wonder how I can access Level II materials. Do I have to register again with a new login for Level II?
@2004-11-14 13:57:45
I have the same question...I remember one time the site said we need to register again...there used to be a link for L2, but not there any more...
@2004-11-14 14:54:59
Yes you need to register an account for level 2. Go to the registration page (if you log on to your account then you will NOT be able to see this link), register and choose 2005/level 2 as your target exam.


The AnalystNotes Team

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh