@2007-05-23 21:57:10

Are there any level 2 candidates out there? Just wondering what's your status? Any last minute advice or tips? I would really appreciate it. I am not sure where I satnd right now.
@2007-05-27 23:58:04
I'm up for Level II next week. I feel prepared--but mainly because I don't have the patience to study anymore. At this point, I'm not trying to learn anything new--just reinforce what I already have learned, and prepare myself mentally for the challenge. Only half the test is what you know--the other half is how well you take it. Good luck and either way, I can't wait to just have it over.
@2007-05-29 10:57:24
Hi captaz

Thanks. Wish you everything of the best.

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You have a wonderful website and definitely should take some credit for your members' outstanding grades.
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Colin Sampaleanu