AuthorTopic: Level II suggestions
@2009-01-16 23:45:16
Any suggestions from people who passed LII or those lucky enough to be repeating? Such as most tricky areas, time wasters, study tips etc.
@2009-03-29 16:12:16
yeah, girlfriend -- where is the advice for us Level II candidates?
From my experience -- Level I was easy, but time was not enough at all.
Good luck to all
@2009-10-02 02:32:53
yer! i also need study tips for CFA II. Why is there little information on CFA II?
@2009-12-11 09:20:47
I am organizing my study plan for L2 also, and saw the notes on this website I think are new, has anyone had any luck in passing L2 only using this website?
@2010-04-06 09:30:49
pls suggestions needed....
@2010-04-06 15:05:35
Either everybody who used AN website for level 2 has passed and hence doesnt need to check this website anymore or?
In any case, I have found a few interesting comments re Level 2 which you might find useful. You dont need to join, you can just browse through the comments. In any case, one thing that was repeated was to make sure you do the CFAI EOC questions as they are as close to the real thing as you will get.
Hope this helps. I'm personally using a whole mix: have read the CFA textbooks, am now doing EOC questions, am using AN and Schweser (just videos and practice questions). Overload? Perhaps, but apparently Level 2 is tough!

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