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@2008-04-27 09:49:17

Anyone here doing level 2?
@2008-04-29 09:01:25
Yeah, not really confident either...
@2008-04-29 12:38:31
Hi, I am pursuing for Level II.
@2008-05-01 05:54:58
How it it coming, guys? I feel like level II is more challenging than level I. Any thoughts?
@2008-05-04 10:32:44
The content appears to be much and far more technical than level 1
@2008-05-06 13:31:21
Level 2 is tough, I have attempted it before, but this time I seem to be much worse off than the previous attempt.

How is the studying progressing with you? Any thoughts?
@2008-05-06 19:11:51
its tough
@2008-05-09 07:12:28
What is the weightage of various topics?
@2008-05-14 02:45:22
Oh my god, I can't believe that I am far behind on my study schedule. Today is May 13 and I have to start from beginning!! Only 24 days remaining. oh!!! What do you guys think about my chance of nailing level II? From now on, I plan to spend seven hours a day seven days a week studying level II exam. Is it doable? I passed level I in my first attempt.
@2008-05-14 09:59:02
quantwannabe...nothing is impossible.
the exam is tought, i have written it before and this is my second attempt. I have also still not gone through all the materials. It depends on your background and how fast you grasp the concepts. My advice is to start with the big sections like FSA and equities - those are weigheted the most...
Good luck and keep me updated on progress.... DO QUESTIONS QUESTIONS AND MORE
@2008-05-18 21:48:26
Good luck, but sounds like you're toast if you're starting from scratch with only 24 days remaining. I know Ivy league guys (myself included) who are sweating bullets studying for L2. L2 is notorious for being the toughest of the 3 levels. Good luck anyway. You can always take it again next year-- no sense in beating yourself up if you don't beat it the first time around.
@2008-05-21 09:51:25
Rotigga, I don't think you should discourage anyone. He might have a strategy that could work for him, some people study for months and retain nothing, while others manage to wizz thorugh the materials
@2008-05-24 22:56:43
ReeM, I think Rotigga is right. I am struggling badly. The good news is that I have got still 13 more days to go. So far 30% material is done (Quantitative Methods, Derivative, Economics, and Portfolio Management). I would like to finish FSA + Corporate Finance and Fixed Income Investments (60%) by May 31st and Ethics (10%) by June 2nd. After that I will have four more remaining days to practices sample exam. I don't mind taking it again next year if I fail. It's not a big deal. Thanks guys and good luck.
@2008-05-27 20:51:38
At this time, do not dwell on the seemingly less important stuff and focus on the 'big bones' as those will decide whether you pass or not.
@2008-05-28 14:07:01
I will pass it easily. I am too clever. Level I was easy, all topics above 70%. Level II is also easy. Saw actual questions from the previous CFA exams in the textbooks: too easy. Thus, the only chance of not passing is to get sick or something similar. But unfortunately, I will raise the minimum passing score for others. My score will be around 85%+/-5%.
@2008-05-29 17:54:11
soInce, that's great, go for it
@2008-06-03 08:57:55
derivatives and quants SSSSUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!
@2008-06-03 10:30:02
hi guys! i am alsojoinging the "anxious" team! too much thing for my little brain to remember. Anyway, since it is multiple choice, with luck you would still pass it without knowing anything! oh luck! oh luck!
@2008-06-03 17:23:22
I doubt that anyone will get that lucky
@2008-06-03 21:25:45
Don't make stupid mistakes that you regret after you get out, that is enough...if you have put in enough hours you should feel calm. Good luck to everyone!
@2008-06-04 00:29:09
I thought I had it down. I created some mock exams with similar weights from this site and my last few were 75%+. I took the free sample last night from the CFAI and scored a 50%. Logged on to here and worked on the FSA a bit and only got 30% right. I've even seen some of the questions before. I have no idea what happened, and it kind of freaked me out a bit.

I'm not so sure that the material itself is harder for Level II. I think it's just because the explaining of it sucks (both the curriculum and portions of this site).

I'm going to take a few more "fake" mock exams from this site and then I'm going to redo the test. Hopefully this will have me ready by Saturday. If I remember correctly I think I felt just as apprehensive about level one and somehow it turned out ok.

Just remember everyone that almost EVERYONE leaves the exam thinking they flunked.
@2008-06-04 20:12:08
mcspaddj, I am in a similar situation.
Just do as many questions as you can, that will help and if you really stuck refer to specific sections.

We'll be ok.
Good luck everyone!
@2008-06-08 00:48:41
Wow, I would be one of those 60 percent people who don't pass level II at the first attempt. I gotta tell you guys, level II exam is not a joke. I underestimated the toughness and started preparing too late. I tried to cram everything in a week. Guess what now, I give myself zero mark because of my foolishness. Wow!! I can't express my agonizing emotion by words when I know I would flunk hundred percent. Share your feeling guys.
@2008-06-08 11:01:35
Giving on a continous basis matters more i guess.....
@2008-06-08 19:29:24
Yeah, Level II sucks. I'm debating on if I should start reading it over again just to be ahead for the repeat next June. I'm guessing I got between 50-60% right, which would put me at best on the border b/n pass and fail.
@2008-06-13 07:53:19
Well guess i am new on this. Wrote level 1 and i am thinking of preparing for level 2 now cos og the gist that it is kind of tougher. Any advise
@2008-06-16 17:45:02
Those that took Level II (June 2008),

Did you feel Analyst Notes prepared you well for the exam?
@2008-08-19 13:04:38
Any one passed using analystnotes, how useful that was, how helpfull the practice questions/ mock exams were? any feedback on best way to study/practice?
Thanks in advance
@2008-08-24 03:56:24
As expected (see my previous comment on this page as of 05-28-2008), I have passed the Level II exam easily. More than 70% scored on all subjects. Well, I am really too clever, particularly for the US-based examinations. Now it's time for the Level III. I like essays. Though English is not my first language, it does not matter, given the "quality" of the US schooling system. :)
@2008-08-24 04:00:09
AnalystNotes were really useful, when combined with the textboks.
@2008-08-27 20:10:47
I'm considering taking Level II - after having been out of the loop for a decade now! I did Level I ten years ago and decided to not continue on. Obviously haven't retained anything from Level I. Short of re-doing Level I, what do I need to know from Level I at a minimum?
Appreciate your comments!
@2008-09-28 23:50:30
Solnce? Whats with the attitude my man, can do to the boot! :P Ive registered for level 2 in June, 2009, am going to start studying with in the next few days. Given Quantwannbe's comments, I reckon a 8 month prep time is more than enough to nail it.

Level 1 was tough but I guess its all about consistency....

I personally know of 5-6 real smart people who failed level 2 this time around.

Any other people giving level 2 in Jun3, 2009?

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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