AuthorTopic: Level II vs. Level I
@2004-03-23 15:45:12
I passed Level I in Dec. and honestly did not think that the exam was all that bad...I had talked to people who had taken the exam previously and they had scared the s*** out of me so I guess that was good in a way, because it motivated me to really study. Level I Candidates: your best bet is to understand the material instead of just memorizing it.

As for Level II, some of the material has not changed but I think the structure of the exam will be different and more challenging. For Level II, you are actually required to show calculations for the second part of the exam meaning that you will not get by on guessing. However, I am hoping that if I prepare for level II just as I did for Level I that the end result will be the same.

Good Luck to all (although you cannot pass this exam on sheer luck).


CFA Discussion Topic: Level II vs. Level I

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!