AuthorTopic: LII-ers advice needed
@2019-03-07 11:01:44
Just moving on to LII, waiting for analystnotes notes, and taking a first look at the most recent study guide to LII ...

A few questions here:

1) What are the three most challenging topics of the LII exam and what is so difficult about them?
2) understanding that each person's capabilities and starting level are unique, what is your best guess on the number of months needed to prepare for the LII exam (app 2-4 hrs a day)?

Thanks a lot, folks! Wish you best of luck with your results!

@2019-03-30 10:35:37
THANKS a lot for your timely replies! You're giving new hope when you say that LI and LII are not very distinct in the level of difficulty. I also noted some overlap of material.

It's true that LI-ers had a few question on triangular currency arbitrage this year, but the problems were formulated in the easiest way possible: one quote for each pair of currencies, no transaction costs.

njain, I appreciate your kind words!

@2019-05-17 18:35:08
2-4 hours per day, start Jan 1st and try to be finished by May 1st then do complex problems for the last month. CFAI suggests 250 but I think 350 or 400 is even better. I put in about 400 and thought the test was not difficult.

2) Level 2 wasn't particularly more difficult then level 1 but a few items that were challenging were Covered Interest Arbitrage, Multiple Regression Analysis and Pension Accounting.

With any of the levels, I think the key is get through the material so that you can start taking practice questions and exercises.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.