AuthorTopic: List of Books for 07 December Exam
@2007-03-05 06:25:09
Hi, I am planning to take the CFA Level 1 exam in December. Can anyone tell me the list of 6 Books. Also, I am going to use textbook, and use the Mock Exams for the preparation of the test, anyone have different opinion?.
Thank you
@2007-03-05 06:51:09
For level one, the stuff is easy enuf to just study the study notes. make sure u try the mock exams of analystnotes site.
@2007-03-05 19:02:31
Thanks for the reply, how about GIPS?...I heard they are tested heavily in the Exam. Do you think its better to buy the GIPS book?.

CFA Discussion Topic: List of Books for 07 December Exam

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