AuthorTopic: Study group for CFA Level 1
@2011-02-26 08:08:58
Hello everyone. I am Sufian from London and will be taking CFA Level 1 in June 2011. Are there any study groups or would anyone like to form a study group for the CFA Level I exams?
@2011-02-28 03:50:36
hi Sufian,
i am seating for the exam in december and would like to share ideas with there a way i can contact you?
@2011-03-02 04:21:26
Hi Guys,

I'm in a similar position where I am looking for some study partners.

What days/evening are you free?

Give me a call/text on 07949521196.


@2011-03-11 03:03:00
yo, any of you interested in interacting using emails to clarify / discuss questions or problems?

I am looking for people to bouce issues with.

@2011-03-25 02:15:51
I am writing the CFA I exam this june 2011, Also am planning for a last minute online learning course ( prefarably live and not recorded lectures) which could give me a short revision for my preparation and last minute tips, any idea on that?
@2011-03-25 16:51:05
I am looking for Someone who just started/about to start preparing for december Exam to enteract using emails.

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