AuthorTopic: Long hours, but low scores?
@2017-11-23 16:36:07
Hey I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I've logged about 350 hours of studying over the last 6 months, taken 5 of 10 AnalstNotest mock exams and about 1,800 review questions.

I'm still scoring mid-60's. I don't understand what the problem is - I'm an intelligent individual, but it seems that I retain new information only at the expense of forgetting other readings. The other thing is, I score in the 90's if I take sections of the exam individually (Eithics, Quant, Econ, Corp. Fin), but seem to lack the 3-hour endurance. Am I just burned out? I'd hate to let up now just to fail by a few points...

Is anybody else having this issue?
@2017-11-25 23:08:31
You are not alone. I was experiencing the same feeling this weekend. My brain is exhausted!!! I feel like I've studied so much, but my scores are still low 70's and it's hard to retain so much information.

Do NOT let up know, but do take care of yourself. Eat right, sleep, exercise, etc. It's ok to take breaks, then get back to it!
@2018-02-12 14:13:49
dude ! I feel you. Ive been studying since September for the June 2017 exam. Completed the entire coursework. Didn't find any area extremely difficult. I really understand the everything i read. Problem is REMEMBERING EVERYTHING. My scores also in mid 60s constantly. Whenever i come across a question i cant answer, its more that i jus cant recall the intricate detail that they expect us to remember. Its all comes down to repetition or more the Lack thereof. I used to be a credit analyst and worked with ratios daily for 4 yrs. So that section i remember like back of my hand. Now im in real estate so wil nail the one lousy question they give us in AI. Lol. Bottom line....if we dont repeat the topics daily its out of short term memory. Some areas you wil grasp and RETAIN easier than others. Only repetition can commit to long term memory, which is where we are struggling to get it.
@2018-02-23 01:07:34

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