AuthorTopic: Looking to start with my CFA. How should I begin?
@2016-05-19 19:51:50
3rd year engineering student here. Looking to transition into a quant-related role, so I'm thinking of doing a CFA and possible a MFE or Masters in Statistics. How do I begin with my CFA?
@2016-05-25 09:28:41
You need time, that's the magic word. If you start with enough time (for me was at least 6 months), you have time to: read the curriculum, make practice exercises and exams, and re read the curriculum if needed.
@2016-05-25 19:24:05
Reposted from another thread:

The key is time and practice!

The sooner you start studying, the better. If you are taking the program, with a full time job, as I do, you probably have to study during the nights and weekends. Start early (at MINIMUM 4 months in advance, preferably more than 6 months).

Make a study plan and respect it.

You should finish the program, at least, one month before the exam date so you have plenty of time to the second point: practice!!

It is not enough to make a few exercises, you need "real exam experience".

If you buy AnalystNotes' Analystpro package you'll have 10 mock exams. You should do at least 3 of them in a "real exam" situation: no materials, only authorized calculators and pencils, and in 3 hrs each part. With no distractions, no watching the cell, no nothing. Just like the exam. Simulate the exam and check your mistakes.

Remember: time and practice!

And also remember: you still have a life, eat well, go to the gym, be with your family and friends.

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