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@2012-04-01 15:53:10
Any suggestions? I find myself getting mentally exhausted and wondering why I'm doing this....any others out there?? How do you get over this...!!

@2012-04-01 19:06:27
pick a day of the week and just have fun that day. study during the other days. i didn't study at all during the weekends (except for the last two weekends before the exam) and studied almost every weekday for a couple hours (studied around 150 hours in total each for levels 1 and 2). planning to study more than 250 hours for level 3 (studied 100 hours so far). go all-in during the last few weeks before the exam. good luck!
@2012-04-02 09:13:01
Dear Friend,

i already lost L1 three times ( band 4,8 and 9 respectively). I am still learning from my experience. Evert time i got result, i got a new improvement area . Like in first time , i was just testing waters (hence a 4), next time, just read the analystnotes and did not solve any practice questions nor mock exams, just did EOC in CFAI material, so i got a 8 (that time jun 11) CFA results were 45% for L1. The third time, in this Dec 11 i gave, i did practice exams , but wasted precious time in writing down all questions at one place and THEN doing it. Also, i left "Alternative invt., Derivatives" altogether. So, i got less than 50 in alter., der. and (to my surprise) in portfolio mgt.

This time, i want to fight back and i know my weakness, so will try to improve on following:-
* Alter., Deriv., and FSA ( I got 50-70 in FSA , though i have a major in accounting)
*Doing Q Bank , instead of writing down practice exam quesitons
* coming back to Analystnotes site , time and again :-)
* No mugging up , understanding all concepts and moving on.

Hope i get something above band 10 this time in L1

Apologise for writing my story on your thread. Just want to tell u pls dont loose hope , and keep pushing. U never know when the things suddenly come in your favor. keep trying.
Best Wisher
@2012-04-09 18:41:13

What have you been doing primarily to study? Reading? Problems? Study group/class?

I have been reading the CFA books then doing the examples in the chapters, taking notes and marking pages as I read to keep everything organized for my review.

I know this can be extremely boring and I find myself losing motivation at times, but I try to keep my eyes on the prize so-to-speak. When I start to lose focus, I think of my name having a "CFA" next to it after all is said and done which is motivation enough. Think about how f'in cool it would be to tell your friends, fam, co-workers, and especially your enemies that YOU ARE A CFA!

Maybe switch up the way you're studying? For example, if you're doing problems straight out of the book, pick up a practice exam or some sample questions and work from there. Or, maybe put down the material you're studying and start with something fresh that you may need work on. I find that if I read the sections that I know less about, I enjoy the learning aspect of it and forget that I'm studying for an exam.

Perhaps you're losing motivation bc you're looking at it as a burden rather than something that creates opportunity down the line. It's tough especially as Level 1'ers, bc the end is SO far down the road, but you gotta stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel if you want to keep that motivation up.

Good luck with everything, let's kill this test!

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!