AuthorTopic: Lunch - how do you solve it?
@2006-05-22 19:35:29
How are you planning to have your lunch on exam day? You cannot bring a bag with you, and there might be long lines for the cafeteria (if there is any?) so how do you plan to solve this practical issue?
@2006-05-23 00:06:44
Usually a spot outside the center where you can leave a bag, knapsack etc. Leave a couple of powerbars in your car just in case, assuming you drive to the center.
@2006-05-23 18:20:05
Well, no. The North Sea is between me and the center, I'm flying in from "abroad". Anyway, as for parking a car, I heard somewhere that at certain test locations, finding a parking lot might be tricky enough. Maybe something to consider for you who are driving to your respective test centers.
@2006-05-28 00:24:17
well, usually there is a special room for bags etc. so don't forget powerbars ^)
@2006-05-28 13:36:15
I've also thought about those "powerbars"...

Since the morning session is from 9:00 a.m.12:00 p.m. and the afternoon Session 2:00 p.m.5:00 p.m., and you since you should report to the test center one hour before EACH session, I take it there is not much time for "lunch"....
@2008-11-08 21:21:22
probably... I'm thinking about some energetic drinks too...
@2008-11-11 11:03:09
sorry, could somebody tell me what powerbars is?
@2008-11-13 19:21:15
Energy bar, like a protein bar, or a granola bar. Trail mix, like peanuts, may be good too. Caffeine pills if you're into that kind of thing :)
@2008-11-14 09:29:55
If you are doing the exam in the London centre there are dozens of snack bars inside the complex and they are open during the 2 hour lunch time so just bring a few quid with you for food. you can bring bags with you to store a sandwich in but you just cant bring it into teh hall so if you leave it outside along with everyone elses bag then it should be ok.

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