AuthorTopic: Lvl 1 Pass rate trends
@2010-11-29 01:02:51
So I was reading through the pass rates of previous level 1 exams on the CFA website and picked up something very interesting...

2003 Jun - 49%, Dec - 40%
2004 Jun - 40%, Dec - 36%
2005 Jun - 48%, Dec - 34%
2006 Jun - 52%, Dec - 39%
2007 Jun - 42%, Dec - 39%
2008 Jun - 42%, Dec - 35%
2009 Jun - 45%, Dec - 34%

Very curious to why the pass rate for the December exams are consistently lower than the pass rate for the June exam. Any opinions to why there is always a drop in Dec?
@2010-11-30 00:49:42
perhaps a lot of first time writers in December?
Who then hit it again in June and then pass?
@2010-11-30 21:01:13
but first timers can be in June and then 2nd hit in Dec as well. this really worries me. is their minimum passing score in Dec higher? hope someone have info on this.
@2010-12-27 20:49:30
Thats really scary...
@2010-12-28 00:47:37
one of ma friend who passed all the three levels told me that normally da dec exams is harder than june ones

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