AuthorTopic: Lvl 1 results
@2005-07-26 17:55:34
Level 1 results are out!!!
I just spoke to a friend and he got 70% + for every section!!!
@2005-07-26 18:30:36
I got 6 over 70%, 2 50-70% (ethics and FA) and 1 below 50% (alternative assets).

Happy I have passed this time!!! :)
@2005-07-26 22:25:02
just wondering this 70% score is it a percentile or absolute number.
@2005-07-26 22:53:54
Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70%
Multiple Choice
- Alternative Assets 12 * - -
- Derivatives 12 * - -
- Economics 24 - * -
- Equity Analysis 24 - - *
- Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - - *
- Financial Statement Analysis 68 - - *
- Fixed Income Analysis 24 - - *
- General Portfolio Management 12 - * -
- Quantitative Analysis 28 - - *
@2005-07-27 04:14:44
I am stoked to have passed. Scored above 70 for 6 out 9 sections. The rest are 51-70. With all the waiting i was beginnig to think that i would be looking at a repeat.

Congratulations to all who passed and best of luck to those who did not manage it this time around - hope you wax it next time. i can worrie about level 2... ~:/
@2005-07-27 19:29:34
My gowd I must have just scraped through.. Only had 3 above 70% and had 2 below 50
@2005-07-27 20:14:09
congratz to you all,

Did you guys use analystnotes to study?
@2005-07-27 20:15:13
yes I used its notes and passed.
@2005-07-28 04:26:56
Me too. I used both analytnotes and schweser's notes and my conclusion is that they are similar in terms of quality: either one is enough for you to pass if you study hard.

@2005-07-28 08:16:03
Sadly, I failed. But it's not surprising. I was aware of this result from the very moment I decided to take the test. At first, I intended to quit it although registered.
However, I don't regret taking it. It was quite a good experience. At least, I know how time consuming it was, the level of the questions... Thanks some people in this forum who advised me not to give up. So now... plan to go for it the second time. Hope the second will also be the last.
@2005-07-29 02:17:26
Do not worry about it. The material is still exactly the same. Just read through all the study note one more time. Then practice, practice, and practice sample exams as many as possible. I fail the level 1 last Dec because my speed is too slow. I passed the Level 1 this time. Your hard work will pay off.
@2005-08-04 11:18:26
Congratualtions to all who passed the Level 1 exam this summer. I didn't make it this time which was my second attempt! In fact I did better the first time round! I used BPP notes. I scored below 50% in accounts & derivatives in both exams. Any advice on which books I should read to polish these areas?

For those who passed - good luck in your level 2 studies.
@2005-09-08 23:18:31
this is probably the worst question ever but WHERE are the practice problems... i have looked everywhere on the site and cannot find them at all...
@2005-10-05 20:44:06
They should be under home, then you see the notes tab, click on that, then you have all the sections, click on each section, then they are divided into subsections, then you can take a practice test with answers after each question and you get to read the notes, or you can take a test without answers till you are finished. I had problems figuring out where to go first to. I went ahead and paid for a subscription, seemed like the thing to do.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!