AuthorTopic: Management Consultant with Engineering Degree Doing CFA?
@2014-06-19 05:34:01

I am currently working as a business and management consultant with an engineering background. I am thinking of doing a CFA to pursue a research career in investment banking. Can somebody advise me on the possibility for a person with engineering and without any solid finance and accounting background to do a CFA? . I am quite sceptical about it. Can somebody advise me on this matter?

@2014-07-27 21:34:39
I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and work as a project manager. I have passed level 1.

Contrary to what they will have you believe, the material is not rocket science especially in contrast to many of the concept I learned at engineering school. The key to passing is patience and dedications. Sometime will, however, have to be spent learning the vocabulary, etc.

If you went to a halfway decent engineering school courses in managment accounting and capital budjeting should have been mandatory and do help has a base.
@2014-09-08 11:44:59
It will be harder for you early on, you must enjoy learning about finance and economics to get through all the readings. Later on when things get more mathematical your engineering background will be an advantage.

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