AuthorTopic: MBA plus CFA Salary expectation
@2019-08-05 15:35:35
My qualification : MBA (Finance) from one of the top 20 B-Schools in the US. CFA Level 3 just passed. 6 years of work experience as a financial analyst, and then business development manager.

I am have been offered a new job in Chicago where I have to work as Manager (business development) and manage a small team.

What salary package should I expect?
@2019-08-22 16:03:22
I'd recommend looking at your school's employment report’s financial services median salary number. I think that will be a good starting point. Other than that, consider the one they offer you :-)

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!