AuthorTopic: Memorize Formulae or Not?
@2019-05-04 08:16:20
So whats the verdict on committing all the formulas to memory? Is that degree of preciseness actually required? I'm talking not about theoretical effects, etc., but about pure memorization. thanks in advance for your replies..
@2019-05-11 18:34:29
I actually have the same question. If anyone, who has taken the exam in the past could us out, I would highly appreciate it. Further, am I allowed to bring white scrap paper with me? What am I allowed to take with me on the exam day? Pencil and calc?
@2019-05-11 20:24:39
You have to memorize all the formulas. U are allowed to take pencil, calci, eraser, sharpners, ID. They wont let u take anything other than these.

@2019-05-11 23:59:11
Is mechanical pencil allowed? Thanks!
@2019-05-12 04:58:33
@2019-06-29 17:37:22
Back to the first question. It is very important not only to memorize the formulas but understand the theoretical effects of them, you can be asked a qualitative question about the concept and really need to have an understanding of what formulas does to answer it.

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