AuthorTopic: Mike, what's your job?
@2002-12-14 09:51:31
apart this wonderful site, do you have other occupation.If it is case it will be interesting to have you practical pint of view on some subjects.
@2002-12-28 03:40:29
Sure I have a job! This site is not paying for my son's diaper expense!:-) I run a business in Chengdu, Sichuan province of China. I enjoy finance and investment, although I am not working in this field.

@2002-12-31 01:32:23
Mike, although you are doing this for free, I strongly believe, if you need computer resources, many of us are willing to contribute. Well, I should speak for myself only, but you definitely have a great site going.
@2003-01-24 18:28:56
HI, I am new to this site. Glad to meet you all here!

Mike, very excited to know that you are running a business in Chengdu. I am from Sichuan Province.
@2003-02-05 03:09:16
Hi, Mike. Guess what, I'm from Chengdu too. This a great site.
Thanks for the effort!
@2003-02-05 11:59:43

Are you in Chengdu? Where?

My office is in chunxilu.
@2003-02-06 02:26:45
Hi Mike,
I'm currently working in Singapore, and I go back to Chengdu at
least once a year to visit my parents and friends. Maybe I can
drop by your office next time. :) I was a bit disappointed during
my last visit that many small eating houses were removed after
the rebuild of chunxilu.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh