AuthorTopic: Minimum passing score at Level 2
@2015-03-03 18:23:48
Does anybody know what were real passing scores at Level 2 exams previous years? 70% of best scorers' results does not give a clear answer to that question.
@2014-05-07 04:15:11
i think it would be just like mean avg of top ones.
well tahts just my opinion.
@2015-03-08 06:31:44
I'd like to know as well.
@2015-03-08 11:31:36
I don't really know how much that can tell you. 70% at what level. If you are 80% here, will this mean that you will pass? No. It is all relative.
Try to see it a s a race. You are competeing against everyone else and if 50% of people are ahead of you then you may find yourself in the same race next year.

Know your work and be able to answer unusual questions.
@2015-03-09 07:53:54
As far as I know 70% will be enough to pass independently of whether you are in 50% of best scorers or not. The fact is that minimum passing score is always less than 70% because minimum passing score is calculated by multiplying average number of right answers in the group of those who scored 1% best results by 0,7. Due to the fact this average number cannot be more than 100% minimum passing score is always less than 70%.When I passed L1 the range of right answers in my exam was from 60% to 70%. My estimate is that in December 2011 L1 exam minimum passing score was 65%. The question is what is that real passing score for L2 exams on average?
@2015-05-13 13:16:24
Hi Sergsav, I think you have answered your own question by saying 70% should suffice but that the actual pass mark is dependant on the peers you write with. How will anyone know the mark for 2015?
My comment about how much the number tells you still stands: only if you can rate yourself against similar standard as CFA exam will this number (65 or 67 or 70, or even 64) be of value to anyone. I would jus focus on doing as much as I can within the given weights and await a possible moment of joy.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!