AuthorTopic: Mock Exam 6
@2003-11-25 18:29:12
Wow. I completely screwed up this one. I thought this was much tougher than other 5 and lost all my confidence I have built up. What did you guys think, and is actual exam this hard?
@2003-12-01 23:49:30
I wouldn't worry too much about it. The 6th mock also kicked my ass, but when I went back to check, there were so many mistakes in the answers. I could just be dumb, but go back through it yourself and see!!
@2003-12-02 00:29:32
I think it's harder than the rest of mocks, but I disagree with jamie as I don't think there are any errors. I guess the cfacenter purposely made this the hardest one (why?) I also don't believe the real exam will be this hard.
@2003-12-03 19:06:09
Thanks for your feed back, guys! I also found many errors. Maybe when you log on in other names, there is not. Or maybe if you took the exam other time, there is not. One time I worked on review exam, ALL solutions were wrong.

Still, my ranking is shocking. Well, let's hope actual exam is less severe. Good luck to all of you!!

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