AuthorTopic: mock exam/ practice questions
@2017-07-21 17:27:19
Except the question provided by AnalystNotes, are there any more free exams or low cost mock exam & question somewhere I can download for Level I?

Appreciate your help?
@2017-08-01 15:09:10
Hi there!
I also look for any free exams or mocks available to be downloaded. Will really appreciate anyone tips or help.
I can also send/ chanage these one which managed to download myself.

Wish the best :)
@2017-09-18 18:19:26
To my knowledge there's no free question bank in this market - everybody charges something, from $69 at AnalystNotes to $1,000 at Schweser. In term of quality, they are surprisingly similar as I've tried both. I guess the pricing is due to different marketing strategies.

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