AuthorTopic: Mock Exam rankings
@2018-11-19 21:43:01
I've taken two of the mock exams on here. On the first I got 66/120 right, on the second, i got 78/120 right. Problem is, my ranking says 47% for both. Am I the only person who has taken the exams? I really don't trust these numbers.
Also the exam seems very easy versus other mocks, I hardly had to use my calculator. Would like to hear other people's opinions, Questions on Schweser software seem much easier.

@2018-11-22 14:59:04
I have taken two Mocks like you. First one I was in the 37% bracket and the second one I was in the 69% bracket. 67/120 on first and then 91/120 on second. Which is weird considering our close score on the first.

The exams seem much harder to me than Schwesers. I think these are much tuffer and I hope the exam is more like Schwesers!
@2018-11-28 15:12:30
I've been really impressed with the material on this site. I can't speak to the CFA, since it's is my first time taking it. However, I did use Schwezer initially when studying to take Level 1 of CAIA. Luckily, I took a practice test from the institute about 1 month before the exam and realized Schwezer material was too easy. In my opinion, I wouldn't have passed the exam relying on Schwezer. CAIA pass rates are higher than CFA, so I was looking for something that better predicted my chances.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.