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@2006-05-24 08:50:01
how is everyone doing?

I've taken 4 and am scoring in the 72% consistently about 75% correct, think I should be fine?
@2006-05-29 09:31:43
I have too much variance in my scores so far. I wish I could take more tests. I have made a 68%tile on my 2nd and a 20%tile on my 1st. Maybe I can get a better approximation after I take the remaining 4 this week. And keep my improvement pace going.
@2006-06-02 09:19:04
You guys are doing very well. I am doing around 50+% correct, and percentile range around 30-40 percentile.

Anyone with this kind of record at Analyst Notes passed? I think I still have a long way to go to practice. The exam is in 1.5 days.

Good Luck to everyone!
@2006-09-10 21:37:22
I passed hitting 48%- 60%in the Analyst notes exams. But I reviewed every single one
@2006-09-19 05:12:55
Same here. I don't want to give false hope but my scores were 42%-58% on the mock tests and I squeaked by level 1. On the review questions I did much better- 65%-80% range. But like I said, I barely passed level 1.
@2008-08-12 05:06:59
From my experience these mock exam questions are harder than the ones in the real exam in June.
@2008-11-15 16:05:22
I scored 66%-77% on Schweser exams so far and 66% on my first analystnotes mock exam (57% ranking). It is quite different when you do it on a sheet of paper. Schweser exams are easier. When you have time left, you can go back to difficult questions, which is not so easy on analystnotes (you have to make a lot of clicks).
Online it takes more time!

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