AuthorTopic: Mock exam toughness
@2016-11-27 02:49:39
Hey guys,

Just did another mock exam and got 55 %, very disappointing. Somehow a lot of the questions asked had a different setup than what I had practised so far. From what I hear is that AnalystNotes mocks are of a higher level than Schweser mocks. Any good tips for the last 4 days? Really feel demotivated due to my of luck to everyone !!
@2016-11-28 15:08:19
Don't worry about the 55%, I was getting the same score range and got to the exam and found that the test questions were easier compared to Analyst notes. I passed with most of my scores in the 70%< range. With 4 days left, just shore up on material you don't fully feel comfortable yet. Also take some time to let your brain relax.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!