AuthorTopic: mock exams are so tough!
@2009-05-04 12:11:08
I just tried the 2nd one. pretty tough. What does everybody else think?
@2009-05-05 10:38:22
Keep at it man. You still have 1-month. A lot of people (myself included), haven't even completed a mock exam yet. Hopefully I'll get around to it this weekend.
@2009-05-05 16:42:47
Definitely harder than what CFA Institute offers for $50 each.
@2009-05-06 18:13:58
I just paid $69 to get these 6 mock exams. Sounds like a good deal. Will see how hard they. Heard from friends they are the hardest.
@2009-05-07 02:41:15
just made a first one 72 percitile 76% correct

not that tough as it could be
@2009-05-08 04:46:32
65%: ranking
73%: correct answers
@2009-05-10 11:18:12
second one
59% ranking

70% correct
@2009-05-28 19:46:45
I scored 70 on the secon and 62 on the third....I also scored 82 on many schweser exams.....Do I have a decent chance of passing?
@2009-05-28 23:29:04
Yes i think you would do fine . The mock tests here seem to be harder then the real exam. Did yo try to do CFA's mock test?
@2009-05-31 06:42:40
I have done 2 mock exams here and have scored 60% and 73% (of correct answers). I took the CFA sample exam and find it quite a bit easier (got 75% but made a couple dumb mistakes).
@2009-06-01 03:33:30
I have done two. Got 16% and 74% relative standings.
@2009-06-01 03:42:31
If anybody having %ile ranking in the range of 70-100 reply scores (correct %)in these mock test?

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