AuthorTopic: Morgan S. vs Goldman
@2017-12-17 19:46:31
Though it may vary between departments could you please share any impression of the underlying difference for working in either IBank i.e. difference in culture, I would appreciate your input. Thanks.
@2018-01-20 11:06:58
Having worked at three major US IBs including those two I would suggest you would not go wrong at either place. Do not underestimate the positive effect John Mack will have on MS; discount your negative impressions of the current turmoil by 75%.

That said, GS is not be in a position where it needs to restring its culture and has a lot of momentum behind it.

At either place expect to work hard and be told to build the brand, not ride it. Get back to me directly with more specific details on where you're looking for more info.

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Edward Liu