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@2017-06-01 13:29:47
Hi all,

I'm taking the Level 1 Dec 2016 exam (so I've got plenty of time). I will be using the CFAI textbooks and analyst notes to study and was hoping to get some feedback on the most effective way to study with these resources.

Here's what I was thinking:

Read analyst notes to get a "big picture" idea of the subject.

Read corresponding CFAI chapter to drill down deeper and really understand the material.

Do CFAI questions at the end of the chapter and take analyst notes quizzes.

How does look to you all? Would you make any tweaks to this routine?
@2016-06-13 15:52:42
What is your background? Personally, I just registered for the Dec exam, but have no finance background. I work in the investment industry as an associate broker and have done courses from CSI with regards to derivarives and that's about it.

I have been trying to develop a solid strategy. It's going to be tough working a full time job and then trying to read/study for a few hours a day. I think an average of 1-2 weeks per study session should do the trick. Your strategy seems to be what I was leaning towards. I want to read some sort of notes first before reading the actual material. This will help give me an understanding of what I need to focus on.

Will you be writing notes as well?

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