AuthorTopic: motivation to study for l2
@2016-12-03 06:12:38
Need to start studying for l2 for June and really aint motivated at all...started reading ss5 in analystnotes and dozed off!! I badly need motivation!!!! And when I read the l2 thread some people have finished more than half of of the study sessions...
@2016-12-06 16:22:53
doesn't seem like it...just don't feel like reading finance and FSA after a whole day in the dealing room!!!
@2016-12-07 14:03:11
was in a similar position here, started a study group to get my backside off the floor. seems to be working pretty well though. watching others run ahead makes you want to take the first step.
@2016-12-09 08:28:15
Same here for L2! Anyone wanna start a study group (offline or online!) or at least share a study schedule to keep up?
@2020-03-14 08:07:05
Same here as well. it's a pain to hit the book after work. Motivation is not there sometimes, but back on the right track now. Usually don't care much about others,especially those who can study all day long. Stick to my gun and go for the exam in June.

CFA Discussion Topic: motivation to study for l2

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