AuthorTopic: my level of preparation for the Dec CFA exam
@2018-11-10 06:04:29
I just wanted to know the level of preparation of the fellow candidates appearing for CFA Level 1 December 2018.
So, guys how much of the portion are you done with? And if completed , how many mock tests have you taken or planning to enroll for? The reason I'm asking is I'd like to know where I stand in terms of preparation.

Regarding Me.
The topics that I have NOT completed yet, include:

1. Understanding Fixed Income Risk and Return.
2. Fundamentals of Credit Analysis
3. Sampling and Estimation.
4. Hypothesis Testing.
5. Technical Analysis.
6. Basics of Derivative Pricing and Valuation
7. Entire Module of Equity Valuation.
8. GIPS Standards.
9. Portfolio Management Part 2
10. Corporate Governance.

All the others, I have read just once from the study notes, and have solved the basic questions given behind each subject.

Am I lagging too much in terms of completion? Also I will take 5 - 8 mock exams from analystnotes. Is it sufficient?

Also I'm on leave for the next 20 Days, so I'll be dedicated full time. Do I need to accelerate on my speed?

Thank you for your answer.
@2018-11-12 16:47:37
You are pretty far behind. I had finished the material 1.5 months before the exam and was reviewing from that point with mocks. At this point there I don't really see a way for you to finish the material and have time to review properly. Do you have a background in finance with your studies in university?

If you have seen these concepts before I would start taking mocks and fill in the gaps from there. If not, I am not really sure how you would get the knowledge, you have a very large portion of the exam incomplete
@2018-11-22 01:15:22
I have heard of some people using analystnotes question bank alone but personally I don't think that would be enough. Not a bad way to go about learning the concepts though, the goal here is to actually learn the material, not get lucky and pass. There is no definitive answer as to what is "enough" it depends on your level of understand of the material. You have an advantage in FRA I would assume with an accounting background at least. Make sure you do the CFAI mock they provide online, that is much better than any third party provider will give you.

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