AuthorTopic: My mock exam average scores
@2019-05-13 08:51:50
I've been taking mock exams here and would like some input from the forum on their progress so far, and if these scores put me within striking distance of passing Level I this June. Each score outside ()'s represents one, 120 question mock exam. Scores inside () are the combined score for the "full" mock exam, if you will.

62 - 64 (63)

67 - 62 (64)

68 - 68 (68)

67 - 64 (65)

Scores are right around peer average. My area with the most room to improve taking into account weight and my average scoring is FRA (65%). I have four more 120 question practice exams to take and plan on taking the CFAI mock as well.
@2019-05-15 19:02:17
I've always learned the minimals are in the low 60's to mid 60's with an emphasis on Ethics.

You cannot reasonably expect to pass if you don't pass Ethics.
@2019-05-17 14:31:08
Ethics has been one of my stronger areas, especially recently. My average is around 70%. Putting a focus on it so A) I start the test off with something I'm strong in, and B) if I end up being a borderline score I may get that Ethics bump. Granted, I'm not shooting to be on the borderline.

And if you crushed every topic and didn't do so hot on ethics, I'm reasonably confident you'd be a pass.
@2019-06-10 14:09:09
I personally would be nervous if I was hitting those scores with 23 days to go, however I think there is still plenty of time to improve.

I'm hitting between 70-80% and still feel I need to put in a good amount of work, including a week off to confirm a pass. Doing a mix of AnalystNotes and Schweser mocks, as well as the CFA mock (and past CFA mocks). I should have done about 20-25 3 hour papers by the end.

Try the CFA mock this weekend. If you can get over 70 in that, you should be in good shape.

Focus on FRA and Ethics, especially the areas you get wrong.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt