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@2015-04-15 14:32:59
As promised, here is an update of my progess so far. Every few weeks I write into this forum about my progress to get feedback and suggest new ideas etc.

I finished reading the curriculum a few weeks ago and started reading the analystnotes summary which is just fantastic. I take it everywhere with me and I recommend that others do as well! I have read the notes a couple of times now and count this as part of my second review that I have been doing.

I finished the second review a few days ago and have been doing review questions for each study session ever since. So far, over 350 questions, I have averaged 65% (350 is a good sample size to get an idea of my knowledge, in my opinion). I tried to use these 350 questions as a diagnostic test of-sorts and I think it has turned out well.

65% right now is pretty ok, especially considering I made soooooo many stupid mistakes and I am sill not comfortable with all the formulas. After I did all the questions I went back and reviewed the ones that I got wrong and made a small 10 page brief of the most important questions and question-styles that are important. This was very important and, once again, I suggest people use this technique. You may also try analystnotes' "favorite question" function to save these important questions in a centralized place.

Right now my priorities are:
1. Get comfortable with ALL formulas
2. Exam and question practice
3. Refining knowledge by going back to the curriculum and review key points.

That's all I have for now.

If you have any thoughts or comments feel free to share....
@2015-04-18 08:34:25
What level are you doing , 1 I suppose?

I have done a total of 850 questions from the analystnotes' questions bank...all assorted (like FSA i have done none so far) No complete tests , just one two or three topics. I am averaging 67%. Not sure if I feel very comfortable with that because I am getting a lot of the basic questions right....

anyways , my goal is to complete FSA (once reviewed before with probably 20% retained) and Eco (havent touched yet) in the next 15 days and then start complete exams.

I think the study notes are OK, I rather go back to my underlined stuff in the textbook...maybe glance study notes to make sure I know that stuff.

Not feeling very confident yet but the effort is on....again I have zero fin/acct background.
@2015-05-10 21:07:22
I had done all the practice exams and basic questions of analyst notes. Getting on average 50% only. I know it's not good ,but I beleive still 1 month to go and I can cover the rest 20% more. Again, I have zero fin/acct background.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!