AuthorTopic: My review plan for the June exam
@2017-02-16 08:54:09
My current plan is to complete the CFAI curriculum by mid April. Given that my learning style is slow uptake with high retention, I began the Level I curriculum last August. I believe a review course would help pull everything back together, reinforce weaker areas, and help build confidence. So I am leaning toward this timetable:

Mid April - Stop studying curriculum. Start hitting Qbank questions. Do 1-2 AN mock exams. Go back to weak areas maybe redo EOCs and examples.

Do a Mock exam.

Mid May - Take a review course. After return, hit some more review questions. Complete the rest of AN mock exams.

June 1 - Showtime.

What is the difference between review questions and mock exams here? Are there other materials or a plan that might be a better compliment to the live course review? Any suggestions to my plan would be really helpful. I have never done this before and I only want to do the Level I - one time. A lot has already been invested.
@2017-03-09 04:17:58
If you execute on this, you'll be fine. Now stop worrying about planning and start doing.

CFA Discussion Topic: My review plan for the June exam

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach