AuthorTopic: My study progress for the June 2016 level 1 exam
@2016-02-17 20:01:51
Just finished volume 1 of the CFAI books. It took me 3 1/2 weeks, longer than I expected. The CFA material is dense and not straightforward. As a result, just ordered the AnalystNotes' pro package for just $99. I intend to get done with the notes by early to mid-april.

Still plan to do EOC questions plus the AN session review questions. There are over 5,000! Anyone had similar experience? Also, do you think a 45 day window is enough for mock exams and review?

cheers and good studying everyone!
@2016-02-22 16:16:23
I have the same experience. The notes from analystnotes is easy to follow.

I started studying the week before Christmas and then missed about 5 days straight. I'm about mid way into Quant and it seems to be going slower than Ethics. I too hope to be done with all by mid April to allow 6-7 weeks of review/practice exams.
@2016-03-03 13:19:07
While I have started CFA Institute books, it seemed to me a tall order. But as I progressed, I could start seeing light at the end of the tunnel ;-).

As I read from the posts Scheweiser or AnalystNotes notes are comparatively simpler to Institute recommended books.

What one would recommend to study CFA books must & either AnalystNotes or Scheweiser?

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh