AuthorTopic: My study strategy for June 2016 level 1
@2016-02-05 17:43:32
Ok. So I do not know anyone taking the CFA or anyone that has and I have no idea exactly how to study.

I will read all the required readings and analystnotes study notes. However, I don\'t want do the EOC questions right after because I want to get through the material as soon as possible.

I am going to print off and study about 120 to 240 questions from the ebook from each section before I start taking the exams. Then I?ll try to get through all 5,000 something questions?(if I can).

After that I was hoping to just take take the 10 tough (I heard from lots of people) mock practice exams and the ones the CFA gives you.

So most of the time till June I?ll be doing problems. I am a full time night student and can study for the CFA most of the day at home.

Is this a bad strategy? I have no idea- I?m afraid once I start taking the exams I?ll come across something I did not study.

So glad this forum is here. Thank you!!!
@2016-02-11 10:25:41
1. There is no try ! Just do it, now!
2. Don't be afraid, you want to come across things you did not study early, not the day before the exam.
3. Plan enough time to review questions, most of my learning is done through realizing my mistakes / wrong thought processes that led to answering the question wrong.

I'm taking the 2016 L1 too.
Good luck

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!