AuthorTopic: my time out for CFA study?
@2017-12-28 10:25:29
have any of you taken a career break and managed to get into employment again? ive been out now for 16 months, not intentional but last job didnt work out and i haven't yet found a break back into employment. ive done the cfa (2010-2013) and the FRM (2013) and had a low level mix of trading assistants roles and junior quant stuff. hope after cfa i could get in as a junior analyst somewhere but no doors opened? has anyone had a gap in employment for as long as this and got back in?has anyone got any advice on how to go about getting back into the industry,as its the right industry for me. anyone found an increase in junior roles over the last few months?also is 30 too late? it seems young to me but its also a young mans game!!finally do any of you know people who have set up on their own, creating trading strategies etc. how much money do you think would be the minimum and could that be a way back into employement if in 2 years i have a load of strategies/models and ideas documented as opposed to just junior experience?

happy 2016!
@2017-12-31 21:21:43
don't worry about it, its prolly more of a product of the bear market and recession more than you think. I too have been out of work for almost 2 years. Ive been keeping myself busy in grad school and with CFA program during that time. When i'm done if no decent jobs open up then i will figure out where to go next. Everything happens for a reason.
@2018-01-06 10:04:54
taking time out of the biz is very risky in my view.
@2019-05-24 20:40:04

You have completed the CFA and the FRM and you haven't been able to find anything in 16 months?....anything? in 16 months. That's crazy ridiculous. Where do you live? How hard are you pursuing opportunities?

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