AuthorTopic: Need advice on how to start the real fight
@2017-09-01 08:00:49
Hi everyone,

I'd need some advice regarding the next step in my preparation for the CFA lvl 1 in December.

So far I have done the following:

read study notes here, made summaries for all the chapters (read it twice), made flashcards, did all the basic questions, all EOC twice and all blue boxes once, did no mock exam so far (and nor the topic test from CFAI). I'd say that my weakest areas are ECON and FRA.

So far, I didn't learn all the formulas by heart (will start by now) but I am bit concerned about how to start the next phase of my preparation.

Did you do a mock exam directly after having read (once or more) all the stuff? And what mocks would you recommend? I heard that the Schweserâ??s one were â??too easyâ?? and analystnotes were "too tough"... My plan was to do the CFAI mock last (when I will be better prepared and know all the formulas by heart, if possible).

Thank you very much for your help.


CFA Discussion Topic: Need advice on how to start the real fight

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!