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@2003-06-30 16:15:24
Hi there I just found this site and it has been very helpful. I have just started to study for the CFA level I exam. I ordered the info from Schweser including the study guides, videos and practice questions. Now I am thinking I made a big mistake. Should I supplement analystnotes' materials with another companies notes, which one? Has anybody used Dalton review.
Also I am a CFP do you think this will help me at all.
Finally, what do you think is the best way to start to study?
@2003-07-04 18:11:22
I tried Schweser's and found that the layout sucks. The vedio is nothing special either. It just reads the study guide materials for you. I recommend using analystnotes' study guides for lvl I. The printable notes has comfortable layout, logical study flow and easy to digest contents. The best part is its pratice review and mock exams. Do use them. Do more than one time on each study session. You should be confident after. You can even skip vedio for level I. Hope this help.
@2003-07-08 10:07:10
My suggestion is start with what you have and stick with it for now as it is early days otherwise you will end up spending a fortune (although here $69 is nothing) going from one provider to another.

I know there are conflicting reports from candidates on different prep course providers and candidates have their preference in terms of writng style but I am sure at LI all providers, including Analystnotes, Schweser, Allen, etc, cover all the material in the curriculum and all providers have customers who pass and fail.
@2003-07-14 14:35:47
I'm also a CFP. I took the first level easily using analystnotes' study notes and questions. I bought the Schweser system, realized my mistake and sold it on ebay. Read the study notes here carefully and you will pass. I did all the review and mock questions and almost every question on the exam seemed familiar. I never opened the textbooks.

I am pretty confident I will take Level II although no L1 result is out yet, and I can assure you that the textbooks are mandatory now for LII.
@2006-05-29 19:42:16
Interesting comments...
@2006-07-13 17:12:10
can you please tell me if the cfa center notes in the foru means the notes from cfa institute or from this site.
can someone please tell me what book is recommended for ethics
@2006-08-01 18:08:16
I am due to take the Level 1 exam in December and have bought the 4 books from the CFA plus flashcards and Audio CD's + analystnotes - what is the best plan for studying the curriculum to maximise me chances of passing first time?

Its 125 days to the exam , so 2hrs per day to get the 250 hrs in seems Ok (does it?) or do I need more time per day.

Would you use the analyst notes and flashcards and ignore the CFA books??

Any good advice would be apreciated.


Steve (Vancouver BC)
@2006-08-02 10:25:32
I think you should do all the problems from the CFA Study Materials. They have some very good questions.

Also, study Analystnotes, notes in depth and try to do as many questions as possible. They have around 8K I did around 6K questions. Pay attention to the solutions and the comments by others. Chances are most of your doubts will be cleared. In case of remaining doubts google it or use this forum. in case you get some answer wrong, pay particular attention to what went wrong.

As far as time is concerned, you've got plenty. I think the trick is slowly absorbing the material. But, from what I gather most of us prepared the last moment, maybe you'll do the same. And yes ppl have told this to me a hundred times - "get the concepts clearly".

Best of Luck
@2006-08-23 06:00:23
I'm taking Level I in December. I'm wondering if preparing with Schweser and the Analyst Notes material is a good thing to do. Any thoughts ??

@2006-10-08 21:12:18
Hi guys,
i just started researching about cfa today and found out that it's pretty hard exam, a lot ppl failed the exam. so i need advice from you guys who had taken the exam or about to take one soon. my question is, is there some preparation program that i can take before taking the exam? what i mean is something like class setting, 3-5 times/week, like taking class in college?
i've been reseaching for this didn't find anything on the web. please help...

thank you guys.
@2006-10-11 00:42:22
Hi, guys
I am new and planning to sit for the June 2007's exam, what are the main textbooks do i need to get?And i just register this site and how am i going to get the free thousands pages of notes as being advertised?Do i really need to pay in order to be granted fully access in all study materials?
Due to financial contraints, i am not able to buy all the neccessary study materials,is there anyone willing to send me the Analyst Notes. Please help, thank you very much
@2006-10-25 04:54:16

I want to ask you only one question? What is the toughest study pack?

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz