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@2005-08-30 14:17:31
Hi, all. I am in need of some advice on what career moves to make at this time.

I graduated May 2005 with a degree in Materials Science and Packaging Engineering and minors in Mathematics, Financial Economics and Computer Science.

I currently work as a Packaging Engineer but in finance is where i belong. I love finance and mathematics, and i am very analytical and computational.

Right now i am starting my first year of Masters in Financial Engineering.

I am taking the CFA Level 1 in June 2006.
My question right now i have been trying to find jobs in the financial industry to no avail. I am starting to figure my engineering degree is whats preventing me from getting a finance career.

I recently interviewed with a company for a Proprietary Trader position, and while i thought everything went smoothly, i never got the job. The company was 99% male anyway (i am female). I am learning too that there aren't an abundance of women in finance (especially in trading/brokeage), is this hypothesis wrong?

I need advice. I can't seem to get anything other than engineering positions right now. I really want to start building my finance resume. Everything that looks kind of promising requires 3+ yrs of experience. How am i supposed to get such experience if i can't get an entry-level job?
@2005-09-01 11:11:35
You might be able to get your foot in the door at a mutual fund company as an MF accountant. The pay is not great, but at least you are working in finance. MF accountants basically calculate the NAV of the MF's everyday, so it does not require much experience to get started. Good luck to you - I am looking to get back in the work force now too. It's a stressful time!
@2005-09-05 14:09:54
Could you please let me know how do you find MFE in comparison with CFA? I am an electrical engineer with 14 years of experience in various fields, right from plant engineering, business analyst, software consulting, software development and product management. I am in dilemma if i should pursue a career in the investment world and i am looking into the options of CFA or MFE. Any pointers will suffice. thanks in advance
@2005-09-05 22:17:29
Lexy and Jagjit,
Like you, my Degree major is not related to finance or business subject. Some friends and my experienced boss worked in finanical industry told me that the most efficient(fastest) way to work at finanical industry is to get the CFA first instead of Master degree (if your academic background is not finance!). After you got this professional qualification, i was suggested that to get MBA(better from famous school) in stead of MFE. Really, I noted most of prestigious investment bank requesting you MBA, not MFE. Also, the extent of CFA covered is somewhat more than MFE does i suppose. Nevertheless, MFE is also a good way to prepare for CFA qualification.

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