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@2009-10-28 21:47:16
Hi friends:

Sorry from my English, I'm not a native speaker. I'm a Palestinian girl I want to study CFA but I don't know how I can start, what I need to do. so please any body can help me?

@2009-10-30 00:51:43
Just decide when you want to take it and know ur potential. Gud luck
@2009-11-02 14:10:15
Well 1st you need to decide wether you want to write the exam in June or Dec 10. Then register on, purchase the curriculum & start studying.

Good luck!
@2009-11-02 19:42:47
When would you guys consider a sufficent starting point for June 10 L1...early dec, late dec, ? Also when would you consider a deadline for beginning prep for June 10 L1. thanks guys.
@2009-11-04 22:16:59
Depends on your background and if you are working a full time job whilst you study, amongst other things.
If you are studying full time i'd say there is no need to start until next April, if not Feb would be ample time. A weeks worth of mock exams prior to the test should be plenty in my opinion. But then again if you have past experience you will not need this much time.
December is definitely overkill in my opinion.
@2009-12-02 09:11:05
December is good to start i think if you are a slow starter. 6 months is really the perfect timing i feel because it enables you sufficient time to grasp the concepts and it is also sufficiently short to pressurise you a bit.

That helps I think

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