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@2006-01-01 16:09:06
I graduated college in May with an engineering degree. I currently work as an engineer, but i started grad school for Financial Engineering in September, and will be done May 2007.
Although i minored in both Mathematics and Financial Economics in college, my grad study is my first REAL intro into Finance.

I originally planned to take Level 1 in June. However, its January 1st, and i am not sure if 5 months and 2 days is enough to prepare.
I am also discouraged by the cost of the exam, and the costs of the reading materials. In total i will be spending close to $1500. It'd be a real bummer to have to fail.
Also, can someone please advice what the best study materials are. What should i buy?

I really want to start a career in finance soon, and quit my engineering job. I know having passed at least the level 1 will open some doors (won't they?).

I am really confused. Please help.
@2006-01-02 16:32:11
Given that you have an engineering degree, there is no doubt that you will be able to handle the material of the CFA program. It may be challenging, however, to learn this material in addition to working and pursuing your grad school studies.

My advise is this - If you are dedicated to devoting 10-15 hrs per week solely to CFA studies over the next 5 months, I would say that you should pass the exam. I would definitely suggest that you attempt to attend an Accounting seminar, as this material may be the most challenging to you (not because it is difficult, but because it is probably the material that you will be most alien to). If this is an improbable proposal, then it may make sense to take the exam this December. Personally, I would prefer studying through the winter rather than through the summer & fall, but it is your decision.

Btw, I am sitting for L1 in June. Good luck.
@2006-01-03 21:10:52
I'm kinda in da same catch 21 loop as you also confused whether to give level 1 in June or December 06..According to the CFA website it requires minimum 0f 250 hrs of study time to get through the course material ; that does not count the exam time think accordingly...if you want to form a study group i will be glad to join that..I dunno wher ur located but im in Central Jersey...inform me !!

@2006-01-03 22:25:46

I live in Central NJ as well (Somerset on the New Brunswick border). If you are interested in forming a study group for the June exam, email me at
@2006-01-04 13:43:20
thanks guy!
i appreciate the advice.
i will go ahead and take the june. eh, if i dont pass (i really hope i do), i can repeat in december.

i also live in new brunswick. we can form a study group.
@2006-01-05 04:09:30
Anyone from New York City that wants to form a study group?

Let me know - send me an email:

@2006-01-06 18:17:01
I noticed a typo on my email address. It is . Feel free to contact me if you are interested in forming a study group in the New Brunswick, NJ area. Also, I work in NYC, so I am amenable to studying with individuals in New York City as well. Thx.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach