AuthorTopic: Need some advice, please!
@2017-05-13 17:14:03
Hi all, just signed up to the site as I assess whether to enter into the CFA program.

I completed a BCOM degree with a First Class Honors in Economics & Finance about 2 years ago now. Thanks to my great timing this was about when the GFC beset upon us making it very difficult for me to find an ideal position as I lacked experience. So I find myself working in a client services role for an online bank. After one and half years in this position I really need to make a move now as the global economy recovers. And I am wiser with my experience.

Just wondering if signing up to the CFA program will be a good move for me. I do realise the level of dedication required in completing CFA as I have couple of my colleagues doing Level 1.

Just wondering if it will be really worth it?

Or will it once again come down to someone with more experience than me?
@2017-05-15 21:51:56
To add to my first post, I am based in Sydney (Australia) and am looking to move into research and/or analytical roles.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.