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@2007-04-17 17:31:47

My situation is as follows:

46 days to go - still not read all SS's from CFAI text (SS8/9/10 and Derivatives left) - even at 1 SS per week it will give me 2 weeks tops to do review and practice questions.

The other major part is that I dont have a job and am spending a good deal of time studying where I should be job hunting as I gotta eat !

Given that I NEED work and can do the Dec exam, when I will probably be better prepared, should I abandon the June exam and shoot for December and concentrate fully on the job hunt.

Any good advice would be apreciated


@2007-04-18 15:57:08
No advice?

@2007-04-18 19:42:10
Stevelaz, No. Don't abandon the exam.

You have no idea how other people are prepared, and you might be surprised.

Also, considering that derivatives is at most 3% of the exam, you might want to just skip this section completely (although in my mind you have plenty of time for everything) and concenrate on others.

Do what you can up until some time in May, and then just do mock exams and questions for the last 2 weeks (even if you haven't studied some of the sessions).

But DON'T adandon the exam. MHO :-) = my humble opinion.
@2007-04-18 21:56:48
how is your current grading ?

I would say it will heavily depends on your actual level, money left to eat and live...
Also if u don't seat the exam in 45 days you will lose enrollment fees ...

best of luck
@2007-04-19 05:02:33

Thank you both for your comments and support.

On analystnotes, I am scoring 85%+ on most topics, when I did them...

I still need to cover most of FSA, which is a BIG part of the exam.....and it looks very dry indeed ! and will take a few weeks.

I will need to recover all sections again to refresh the memory before the exam.

However...there are still 45 days left, so given that 5 will be lost on various things 40days at 3 hrs per day is still 120 hrs I suppose

Are you both L1 students too? are your studies going?

Thank you again for your comments.

@2007-04-19 06:19:32
Same here~ stevelaz

I just started job hunting and it's really time consuming. I have a lot more to study than you. So I will say you are in pretty good shape.

Good luck
@2007-04-19 14:23:33
I still have to do Ethics (leaving that till beginning of May to have it fresh in my mind), and SSs 14,15,16,17,18. But all of these sections combined are about 20-25% of the exam. Check this out:

Some of the sections are from 0-10%, which means they might not even be on the exam, or have 1-5 questions.

Not trying to say you shouldn't study, or pretend I am in good shape (I know I am not), just trying to boost your confidence a little bit... :-)

PS. Oy, and from what I've read on this forum, 85% on analystnotes is pretty darn good. I am averaging about the same if I do questions right after reading the section. If a couple of weeks pass and I try to do the problems - I slide back to about 60%
@2007-04-19 17:07:29

Confidence has been boosted - Cheers for the post!

The thing that concerns me most is the retention of the info, as Quant/Econ etc were sooooo long ago.

I did my CSI exams at >80%... CSC/IMT/PMT/CIM/TAC/Ethics/CPH/FCSI - etc, but i knew that if I messed up, I could re-sit in a few weeks and the content was way less complex.

I will probably concentrate on FSA (8/9/10) for a couple of weeks and then re-do Ethics to make sure its still fresh in my mind and do lots of questions.....and hope !


@2007-07-18 03:09:56
I am leaning towards taking the dec. 2007 L1 while taking 3 fnce/actg courses in university from sept-dec. I am concerned this will be an overload of financial info in such a short period. I am taking port. mgmt, derivatives,tax strategies (fnce major). At the same time, I am thinking this may be helpful as a lot of the material is relevant to CFA. With about 4 months of study time available and courses,mid terms, and exams to study for, (I will be working very minimal, about 9hrs per week) would you recommend this? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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