AuthorTopic: Need some guidance on my career
@2016-07-05 13:17:38
Hello everyone
Looking for some guidance on how I should proceed. I am a Mechanical engineer and after that I have worked in IT for 15 years in USA. Now back in India running a business successfully that I plan to sell next year. Would want to go back to US as I am a citizen there and my kids will be attending school there in a few years when they complete their 12th. I want to do CFA and MBA both but the question is, should I do MBA first or CFA first? Which one would be the better option. If doing an MBA first is better, then can you suggest any schools that offer a distance MBA program that also are considered decent programs as not all distance MBA programs are considered decent. And if doing CFA is better, what institutes in Hyderabad, India offer a good training or is self-study sufficient?

And I know no one can predict how the future will be, but assuming all izz well, what kind of a career prospects do CFA+MBA or MBA+CFA have in the future considering the current market conditions?

Thanks so much for your time. Also note that I am 37 years of age, so am in a hurry to settle down after making a decision on this.


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