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@2005-06-29 06:16:46
Dear friends

Hi guys sorry for grabbing your attention with such a pain query. I work at Central Bank of one of the CIS (former USSR) countries. I have heard about CFA but now getting more interested in taking CFA I exam I know that experience of candidates that had already passed is better then reading information on this. I have MBA from Birmingham (UK) University and 3-year experience on MM FX and commodity markets.
Just need some guidelines from you:
Am I eligible for this program?
How should I start preparing, what should I do first?
What benefits I can get from CFA?
How do u actually devote 250 hours for I level while you have permanent job any tips?

Your comments are really appreciated

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach