AuthorTopic: New in town
@2017-05-04 03:49:47
Hi, I just got my textbooks but didn't get CFAI's study programme. What book should I be reading first? Is it to late to start now for Dec 2017 exam?
@2017-06-06 16:51:01
I would start after June if I were you. Start with your biggest weakness, and work up to what you are most comfortable with. There is no one right book to start with. Be concious of what is weighted the most. Ethics is the easiest way to score big points, yet something like bonds where there are a million los, but not weighted very heavily. Don't use the CFAI sample as a proxy for what you are and aren't good at, because it's incredibly easy relative to other samples/actual test.
@2017-06-07 04:01:40
Dude, good advise! I really apreciate it!
@2017-07-31 13:57:37
i dont know if you want to start too early cuzz you might get burnt out soon and it's SUPER important to review the information right before the exam so don't get sick of the information too early. especially if you majored in acct and/or fiannce in college, i'd say 3 months of steady studying is enough and i wouldnt get too hung up on the textbooks. that's just my 2 cents take it for what it's worth.

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