AuthorTopic: New Jersey folks
@2007-01-31 14:57:42
If anybody is in New Jersey and wants to form a study group - please contact me. I am taking June 2007 L1 and would much rather have a study group in jersey than drive to NYC.
@2007-02-01 13:30:39
Where in NJ r u located?
@2007-02-01 20:04:23
I live in Central Jersey. New Brunswick / Rutgers area is the best to meet and study. I am pretty flexible, so except for Northern Jersey (Bergen County), everything else is probably fine by me.
@2007-02-12 15:08:29
hi sevaa1,

I am planning to give L1 exams in Dec and am looking for some kind of a study grp. I will starting preparing for it soon. Let me know if u are interested. I am from Rutgers area too.
@2007-02-22 23:58:44
smeet, I am planning to take the June exam, so our studying pattens might be a little off, if you're planning to take it in December. I'll definitely keep you in mind though - just in case, right?;-)

ps. if you want to start studying now - by all means, let me know.

@2007-02-25 20:00:05
I am planning to start away now.. so in case you are planning a study grp do let me know.. thanks.

p.s are you from Rutgers Univ?
@2007-03-18 19:06:00
I am interested as well. Please let me know. Thanks.
@2007-03-20 03:26:51
I am interested as well. Planning for Dec 2007.
Let me know. I live in Piscataway.


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