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@2007-06-06 21:07:19
I plan on taking the CFA L1 in Dec 2007. Does anyone want to form a study group to study together.

@2007-06-15 20:16:04
I am also taking L1 in Dec. 2007
@2007-06-18 21:18:50
i'm interested pls add me
@2007-06-18 21:45:41
Have you started studying yet? What is your plan to prepare for it.
@2007-06-18 23:11:46
I have finished the Ethics and Microeconomics section. This week I am planning on finishing the remaining economics. I think it will be better to get the easier topics out of the way first so that we can spend more time on the harder subjects. Right now, I am spending about a week per reading.

-Do you guys have a previous background in Finance?
-How would you like to review together. Online? Meeting up at a library or coffee-shop, etc. I am a consultant therefore can only meet up over the weekends to review.
-How much time would you like to spend on each reading so that we can create a study schedule.

Well if you guys think of any other questions. Let me know! I think we have enough time so that we dont have to just memorize the material.
@2007-06-18 23:29:06
I just bought books, I'll devote 18 weeks to study and 1 month to practise. One week for each part of syllabus. Also some part I can do 2 or 3 topic for a week. I am only studying CFA official syllabus but at the end practise from many different sourses.
@2007-06-19 19:12:09
Sophie your plan is good. As I said I just got the books and I will start now. I am wondering how it took you to go through ethics and micro.

Are you using syllabus from CFA or other book?

If we plan to review, then I suggest we meet once a month for july, aug, sep and oct. Then for nov once a week for final review.

If each person in our group study similer topic for the month then monthly meetings will help us with difficult areas of those topics.

Which part of NY will everyone prefer?
@2007-06-20 23:41:10
I am using analyst notes. I have not read the CFA books since it will be difficult to finish all the entire readings. However, I do plan on reviewing the Financial statements from the CFA books.

Your plan sounds good about meeting once a month. As of right now you are the only person who has responded. I will be spending the month of July reviewing the Financial Statement readings and the Quantitative part since those are the most comprehensive and a lot of questions come from those sections.

I'd prefer to meet in Midtown East.
@2007-06-28 03:43:24
Hi All,

I am also taking Level 1 in Dec 2007.
Do you guys meet every week?
@2007-06-28 19:04:00
How about we meet on last saturday of July to review and discuss Quantitative and financial statement section?
@2007-10-02 21:01:58
Hello, everyone:
I am preparing for the level 1 exam in Dec as well, and I am glad to join ur online group. good luck!
@2007-10-07 20:52:02
anyone wants to meet online for review just register your yahoo id and i would add you.we'll discuss the time later
@2007-11-25 03:39:30
ok I'm taking it too in a week...jatvis ...anyone still planning on meeting?

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