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@2014-12-17 02:23:19
i used text books only for the exam. it seems to be an unwise strategy. i managed reading all the material but didn't have enough time to review and wrap up. got lost in details. i enjoyed reading and learning for the past 5 months but the strategy was just not right for an exam - after all it's an exam. i don't think the exam was too tough. u just have to know things very well and be very familiar with the topics. next year i will go over the materials for at least 3 times. anyway, it's still good to gain the experience and feel it by yourself. i'm sure i can pass level II next year.
@2014-12-17 10:43:09
I received the CFA curriculum today for L1 June 2015 exam, really scary staff, so where should I start??

I am planing to go through it all till the end of April and get Schweser or AnalystNotes for revision.

any advice are welcome on the strategy
@2014-12-23 00:17:20
hi saifa

I am taking June 2015 Level 1 exam. I believe having your txt book from CFA and analyst notes would be enough for you to pass the exam. Study at least two hours from Monday to Friday and about 7 hours in total on saturday and sunday. ul b just fine. btw i havent started to study yet :S
@2015-01-04 01:30:21
hi all, I plan to take CFA Level 1 this Dec., but I haven't started it yet. I've had all the textbooks already and also analyst notes. Initially, I've planned to go through all the textbooks before the exam, but it's realy a scary project.

Is it really enough just to study the notes? Or to take notes as a main studying material, then textbooks as references?

@2015-03-14 12:33:23
My Advice is:

Go through CFA notes once will do
Do 50 sets of questions u sure pass.

FYI I passed in Dec 2013 - I used 3 weeks to prepare & study notes only. & I did 8 sets of questions

I think doing questions help lots than plain reading.

While doing ques, go back to textbooks and look for answers improve your understanding

Be exam-smart, not only content Smart.

Agoothi from Malaysia
@2015-04-07 04:49:47
I agree while reading content, i get lost in the details but solving questions takes you deeper in your understanding!
@2019-07-07 12:56:42
Focusing on questions is basically exam prep 101!! Utilize your resources and don't get overwhelmed. Read the material but don't let yourself get stuck, and then focus on all the questions you can.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
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Tamara Schultz