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@2008-10-28 22:11:35
Hey y'all, I guess what I have to say is pretty self explanatory. Well I graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology, however I have decided to enter the finance industry. I would like to begin with a job as a Research Associte, any suggestions on what steps to take? As well I am contemplating on taking my CSC or starting CFA level 1. I hope to start my MBA program in 2 years with a major in finance. Which one will be more valuable, CFA/MBA or both? All responses will be greatly appreciated,

@2008-11-03 05:54:37
CSC is a waste of time for someone that is trying to get into Research, it also is quite straight fwd in the event that you do need it. But remember it costs just as much as your level I, and your level will provide at least your foot in the door.

MBA would be solid, especially if you have internship coupled with it. But just think how set you would be if you went into your MBA with your level I ;).

Good luck!

CFA Discussion Topic: Non-finance graduate, how to enter finance industry

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