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@2002-12-11 13:01:21
Hi Norman, Why do you ban HK Polytechnic from assessing your fourm?
@2002-12-12 20:02:25
Norman is indeed a liar, a cheater, a rapist, a terriost, a traitor, a failure of Level 3, and a rubbish. He banned me and my University from visiting his site.
@2002-12-12 20:05:00
here are some posts by other people about Norman:

Harry Figov:
Norman censors messages and bans certain people from his site.

That's why Norman failed on level III.....
spending so much time in his forum...he has no time to study....I guess...
And the think is people there treat him like he is the god of finance, and ask him strategy questions and stuff like that.
All the time questions: " Norman help ....blahhhhblah blah"
I mean the guy cannot help himself pass the exam....
It's great what he does there for providing the place for CFA dialogue but I wouldn't take his advice about CFA seriously.
If he was a CFA chartholder I would take him more seriously.
As far as finance he is a joke...

He is just a KId

Harry Figov:
I have noticed on Norman's Forum before he denied me access that he seems to know things that I have only heard from other prep course providers which leads me to believe he is sponsored by a certain prep course provider.
His English also seems to be better than he claims it to be

Norman has commited the following internet Crimes:
1) Everyone has to wordship him like a God in his forum, if he don't like you for any reasons, he will kick you out.
2) Norman stops freedom of speech. He always edit other people message and ban you altogether if you don't follow his way of thinking. Many people in the world die for the freedom of speech !!!!
3) Norman violates international copy rights law and AIMR code of ethics. His forum contains some copy right protected materials and allows free download
4) Norman sells your email address to preparation course providers and always check your IP address when you visit his forum. He enjoy making troubles for other people
5) Norman forum is sponsored by a preparation course provider. He always says good things about 1 particular course provider and says bad things about others.

Norman is indeed a liar and a cheater.

Becareful, Norman website has many virus that will damage your computer . I feel sorry for his die-hard supporters. They all get fooled by Norman

He is a bad guy. I relied on his advice and failed Level Two

Harry Figov:
I beg to differ. Norman bans people from his site and deletes messages posted. A few months ago someone alerted me to a post by Norman on his site (the post was July 31) where he claimed I was not a CFA, am not qualified to write or teach and that I am unethical and unprofessional.
I have a copy of this message posted by Norman at 6.11.48 am on July 31, 2002.
When I attempted to refute this he banned me from his site as he said I was advertising and I have not been allowed back since.
I did tell him when he told me he conforms to AIMR rules of Professional Conduct that he need have done was chack AIMR Membership Directory and he would see my name there as a CFA and that what he said was almost libelous.
I told him I have no problem with him giving his opinion and letting me respond but that this was just factually incorrect what he said.
That is the problem with his site. He can make factually incorrect statements and you are not allowed to respond
@2002-12-15 16:34:56
Well PolyU, I don't understand why you posted such a message here:
1. Norman has contributed positively to this forum.
2. Although I deleted one thread by Shell and several other threads which were apparently posted by sales people from other test prep providers (they pretended to be CFA candidates), I do believe freedom of speech here. However, please spend your time in study, not attacking other people.
3. There are lots of forums dedicated for CFA preparation on the Internet. If Norman kicks you out, why not try other forums?
No more such things, please.

@2002-12-18 23:20:24
I have a friend who used to work for Scheweser. He confirmed to me that Norman started his web site on his own. Later on Schweser paid him.... his site seemed to be "neutral" but he is actually a Schweser agent.......
@2002-12-20 08:10:15

I think you are the same PolyU guy posting dirty messages on Norman's forum.

You are derved to be kicked out of the forum. Don't speak stupid thing again. We are here to exchange idea on study the cfa program. Who cares whether you are kicked out of Norman' forum!!
@2003-02-18 16:55:40
Who's Norman?

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